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SAAOL HEART CENTER PATNA EECP Center in PATNA Call 95555 30301 for Second Opinion & Free trial of EECP ECP / EECP or Natural Bypass What is EECP / ECP: EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) or ECP is completely Non-Surgical treatment for heart blockage or Angina. ECP Increases the flow of blood to the heart muscles by opening the dormant vessels called “Collateral System”. ECP is approved by FDA – USA, It acts as a alternate to the Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery for the heart patients moreover it has a several health benefits to which are due to obstruction of blood flow in the body like high blood pressure, diabetics, obesity, high cholesterol level, kidney disease and many other medical conditions. The concept of EECP or Natural Bypass: Nature has given us thousands of arteries in the heart to supply the blood to every tissue of the heart. The first three main coronary arteries gives origin to about 10 branches which further give rise to 100 branches and the hundreds give thousands of branches. These thin and small branches are called Capillaries. They all are connected to each other and can give or receive blood from each other. These channels can be a good source of blood to heart muscles when some of the major or minor arteries get blocked. If, somehow, these thin arteries can be developed more, opened and made broader then there will be adequate blood supply to the heart muscles. Developing, opening and widening these thin arteries is known as a “NATURAL BYPASS”. Scientifically this treatment can be called "Pneumatically Assisted Natural Bypass" or "PAN Bypass. The development of these thin arteries (Capillaries or Collaterals) is a continuous & natural phenomenon of human body and it happens in every organ. In the language of medical science it is known as an “ANGIOGENESIS”. These natural channels are developed in every organ over a period of time but most of them are non – functional but they are present in every organ in sleeping or passive state. The number of these tubes varies from person to person depends upon his lifestyle and the food he takes. In sportsman or athletes person the natural channels are developed more, become functional and broader as compare to a normal person because they do lots of exercise. Once these tubes are developed the athletes do not get angina even if they develop blockages to the extent of 80-90%. Their heart muscles will not die even if they suffer from a 100% blockage. How to develop these Natural bypass Channels? We don’t expect and cannot make a heart patient to run or exercise like an athlete because he will get Angina very soon. Today with the advancement of technology a machine has been designed which can develop and open the parallel channels in the heart very fast. This machine artificially increases the flow of blood in the coronary channels by directly increasing the pressure at the root of the coronary arteries. A one hour treatment with this machine can start opening this parallel arteries / capillary system supplying more blood to the heart muscles. This treatment has to be continued for 35 sessions to fully develop the second Natural Channel. This procedure naturally creates and develops thousands of thin but natural arteries between the blocked arteries and a “NATURAL BYPASS” is automatically created. Thus it can easily replace the Surgical Bypass surgery and Coronary Angioplasty. This treatment is fully non – surgical / non – invasive and patient can get treatment without admission in the hospital even while continuing his Job / Business at a very nominal cost with no side effects of Surgery. This treatment is getting the popularity with the slogan as “NO PAIN, NO SURGERY, and NO HOSPITALISATION” What does the ECP machine do? You must know that the blood flow to the coronary arteries occurs during the phase when the heart muscles relax called the diastole. Blood cannot enter the majority of the arteries during systole as the heart muscles contract during this period making the flow impossible. This machine supplies more blood to the heart muscles during the diastole. It has some synchronized pressure systems which are wrapped around the body parts which have extra blood storage. The pressure systems are activated regularly synchronizing in such a way that much more blood reaches the origin of the coronary arteries during every diastole of the heart. Thus the coronary arteries get filled up completely with blood during these periods flushing so much blood in the dormant but stretchable elastic capillaries that they become broad. In other words, this machine works on the heart arteries in 35 hours opening the arteries much more than the athlete does in 35 years. It is much better than Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty. Is this Natural Bypass accepted all over the world? Yes this machine has seen a lot of popularity in the last two decades years. Today this treatment has been approved by almost all the medical associations of the world like US – FDA, American Heart Association (AHA), European Society of Cardiology, American College of Cardiology (ACC), NHS – UK, American Medicare and Much More. Today more than 600 centers in USA already use this machine. In China it has almost replaced Bypass Surgery and Angioplasty. There are as many as 10000 centers in China which are using this treatment for the heart patients. In India, the machine is available in most of the big hospitals like Escorts heart Institute, New Delhi, Metro Heart Institute. But the Indian hospitals find this therapy less lucrative and still prefer Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery as they are financially more viable.
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