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Chelation Therapy or Bio Chemical Angioplasty (BCA)

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Chelation Therapy or BCA or ACT is a medical treatment for the heart disease (Angina or Blockage) that improves the blood flow to the coronary arteries. The concept of Biochemical Angioplasty (BCA) is to remove the plaque from the coronary arteries. The Biochemical Angioplasty (BCA) is also known as an Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT) or Chelation Therapy. It is something like a housewife puts drainex in the kitchen drain to clear out the chocked pipe. When a mixture of biochemical (all safe for the body and in correct dosage) is passed through the body there is a significant reduction of plaque from coronary arteries. These chemicals mainly contain chemicals like Anti-oxidants, EDTA, Vitamins, Isotonic carrier, PH balancing drugs. All of them are injected in the patient through intravenous route for a period of two and half hours to obtain softening of the blockage and a gradual reduction of blockage. The results become apparent within six to ten infusions. Methodology of BCA: The reversal of blockage from coronary arteries occurs because of reverse osmosis mechanism. When the bio-chemicals are passed through the interventions system the blockage becomes soft and rate of reverse osmosis increases. When the BCA treatment is given along with the EECP and Significant Lifestyle Changes the overall result is very good.

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